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Vending Options

There are two options available for vending electricity vouchers.

A - Tenants buy tokens from Chain-stores


Recharger prepaid electricity tokens are available at various Retail Stores, Banks and Petrol Stations nationally, You can also get tokens online or from mobile vendors.


B - Tenants buy tokens from their Landlords


Landlords and Property Owners can purchase tokens directly from Recharger. This allows the owners to manage the meters and tenant electricity usage themselves.

For more information please Contact Recharger.

Key Features


  • User-friendly interface

  • Vend Credit and Tamper Tokens

  • Meter management and ID check

  • Tariff and Fee Management

  • Block Tariff Token(s)

  • Built-in Sales Reporting - Meter history, Token history, clients etc that can be exported (Exel, PDF, Word)

  • Mobility - Mobile and PC version

  • Customizable API

  • Scalability​​​

Token Vending Solutions

The global demand for prepaid electricity is ever increasing.


Recharger can provide vendors with quality sub-meters, Meter Management Tools and tailor-made Token Vending Solutions to meet this growing demand.


The Recharger Vending System enables landlords, property owners, developers, managing agents and tenants to track and manage electricity consumption more efficiently. The more meters you manage, the more tokens you can supply to help grow your business.

Our integrated solution includes secure web (cloud) based software for desktops and mobile devices, prepaid sub-meters, training, support and marketing assistance to help your business earn an ongoing revenue.


Vendors can supply tokens for the meters to the consumers directly, handle the funds collections and electricity bills as well as access detailed reports. The system can accommodate levies, arrears rentals, management fees and other expenses when the token is generated. Vendors can also allocate a vending fee on the token itself for their services rendered,

Recharger will remotely install the licence free software on your desktop / PC, or get it free on Google Play for Android enabled mobile devices. We will load the registered meter details and set tariffs & rates for you as well.


Competitive meter costs, a range of comprehensive electricity meters, a lifetime warranty - are just some of the benefits  associated with Recharger Prepaid Meters & Vending.

Start Up Requirements

  • Sign up with Recharger (link)

  • PC or Android Mobile Device

  • MS Windows

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Token Printer

  • Stock (min. 10 meters)

  • Transport

  • Sales experience

Token Vending Software Demo

Vend Pre-paid electricity tokens easily and securely.