Products & Services

Prepaid Meters, Tokens and Token Vending Systems


Our comprehensive range of prepaid meters are STS certified and can be used nationally and internationally.


Prepaid electricity tokens are

available from a variety of convenient retail stores, banks, petrol stations and online platforms.


Start your own business with our tailored solutions that includes token vending software, meters, training and marketing support.

Recharger Products & Services

The Recharger portfolio of meters are of international standard, STS (Standard Transfer Specification) certified and can be used nationally and internationally for private, commercial and governmental applications. Recharger prepaid meters are used in homes, cottages, apartment blocks, retail stores and holiday rentals to monitor and manage electricity consumption.

You can purchase prepaid electricity tokens 24 hours a day from over 10 000 locations in South Africa.

We also offer unique business opportunities for vendors to earn by vending prepaid tokens using our sub-meters, management tools and token vending software.