Be a Dealer

Manage your own Metering Enterprise


Recharger offers tailor-made business opportunities to suit all your requirements.


For more information please contact; alternatively you can call us on 087 158 4800.​

Private Vending Systems

Private Dealer / Property Managers


Our unique software will allow you to vend directly to your clients or tenants.


From commercial properties to vacation rentals, Recharger can help your customers effectively manage their utility bills.

  • Independent Dealer-Agent network with Recharger business, vending and IT support.

  • ​Supply prepaid electricity meters.

  • Vend tokens.

  • Handle landlord utility collections.

  • ​Enable levy collection control on meters.

  • ​Handle maintenance support contracts.

  • ​Supply meters for every type of application - commercial, industrial, government and low cost housing projects.

  • ​International Vending - meters & vending can be used internationally (STS Compliant).

​Increase meter sales - Increase income - Increase your profit.


Token Vending Software available for PC or Android devices.

International Vending

Manage your own base of meters, vend tokens to your client base. Recharger has a complete metering and vending solution available for your business. Our solutions have assisted companies globally from independent vendors, property managers, corporate clients and commercial enterprises.


Recharger provides meters and vending software across the globe. Our certified meters, STS compliant system and a dedicated software team. Customizable API available.

Customizable Application Programming Interface

White Label Solution

Third Party Vending Solutions

Linked to a wide range of Chain-stores, Banks, ATMs and Garages + 10 000 Points Nationally.



Third party vending solutions enables tenants to purchase vouchers from a wide range of leading chain-stores nationally, leading banks, garages as well as on-line. The Newly Formed Metering Company gains access tested, comprehensive on-line vending solution.

IT System Highlights

  • Live vending system with ability to add meters for immediate vending​.

  • Ability to set individual Tariffs / Bulk Tariffs / Block Tariffs​.

  • Full on-line customer management functions​.

  • Ability to process Tariff adjustments​.

  • Ability to block meters.

  • Ability to vend own tokens directly to your tenants (No chain store Vending fees apply).

  • Comprehensive Real Time Reporting (Including Vending Spend per Meter, Vending Spend Per Debtor, Vending Spend per Complex).

Prepaid Electricity Vending